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Genesee Brewery Fermentation Tanks Passing Through Macedon

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In late May, 2017 twelve fermentation tanks bound for the Genesee Brewery passed through Macedon on the Canal.

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A group of spectators watch the first barges heading west.

The first six tanks on two barges arriving from the east.

Hundreds of people came out to watch the historic event.

The first barge is placed in the lock and the tug and second barge back out. The first barge is raised and is then pulled from the lock with a capstan. A slight pressure on the rope causes it to tighten around the rotating capstan and the barge is moved.

The tanks were moved from Macedon to Rochester one barge at a time. These tanks are emerging from under the Canandaigua Road (Frears) bridge.

Three tanks passing Mid-Lakes Marina.