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Transformers unloading from the Canal in Macedon

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In late October, 2015 two transformers arrived in Macedon on the Canal.
This article from the Times of Wayne County gives all the details.

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The transformers on the barge after their arrival at Lock 30.

The tug Margot pushed the barge up the Canal.

For unloading, the barge was placed perpendicular to the side of the Canal. The first transformer has been unloaded. The view is from the wheelhouse of the tug.

Tug Margot kicks up her heels for the spectators. She is powered by a Fairbanks Morse model 38D818 opposed piston 8 cylinder diesel engine rated at 1250hp.

The second transformer being unloaded using a special transporter. Each axle automatically raises and lowers itself to keep the load level. The man in the yellow vest is controlling the machine with a remote control. Water was pumped into and out of compartments in the barge to keep it level and at the correct height as the weight of the transformer was moved.

The transformer being parked for the night.

The captain of the tug liked to have a little fun with the spectators.

The second transformer headed west on Main Street near Drumlin Drive.