1 Town of Macedon

Town of Macedon

"Tract 12 Range 3 of the Phelps-Gorham Purchase settled in 1789 by Webb and Hannah Harwood incorporated 29 Jan 1823" (Town of Macedon)

Located next to the driveway of the Macedon Town Complex at 32 Main Street.
Coordinates:    43.06691, -77.30765


"First settled by Webb Harwood in 1789. Town incorporated in 1823 when taken off of Palmyra. Village incorporated in 1856" (Macedon Hist. Society 1973)

Located at Lock 30 on the Erie Barge Canal.
Coordinates:    43.07326, -77.30216

2 Macedon
3 Bullis House

Bullis House

"Built by Charles H. Bullis Ca. 1839. Camp Bullis in Texas named for grandson Gen. John L. Bullis who resided here in his youth." (William C. Pomeroy Foundation 2016) 317

Located on Canandaigua Road about .4 mile north of Route 31.
Coordinates:    43.07047, -77.32006

Underground Railroad

"In this area Quaker abolitionist harbored slaves using Ganargua Creek as a gateway to freedom" (Town of Macedon 2008)

Located on Wilkinson Road near the intersection with Victor Road.
Coordinates:    43.04403, -77.34081

4 Underground RR
5 1788 Survey

1788 Survey

"4 towns, 3 counties meet near this site. Starting point for survey of Phelps & Gorham Purchase done by Col. Hugh Maxwell in 1788." (Farmington Historical Society)

Located on Cline Road near Pannell Road.
Coordinates:    43.03466, -77.37140

Erie Canal Laborers Remembrance

"In remembrance of - the 26 Erie Canal laborers buried here, stricken in 1846. 'They built the longest canal, with the least experience, for the most public benefit.'" (Donated by people who cared)

Located on N. Wayneport Road about .1 mile south of Quaker Road.
Coordinates: 43.08533, -77.36180

6 Erie Canal Laborers
7 Macedon academy

Macedon Academy

Est. 1841 to educate in the academics, in character, and in the equality of all people. Frederick Douglass spoke here March 6, 1861" (William C. Pomeroy Foundation 2014)

Located in front of the Academy at 1185 Macedon Center Road.
Coordinates:    43.09434, -77.32111

On This Site

"Isaac Barnhart built dam in 1813 Grist Mill in 1818 Craggs Roller Mills 1862-1930." (State Education Department 1937)

Located on Walworth Road near Mill Road.
Coordinates:    43.12334, -77.27249

8 On this Site
9 1789


"Webb and Hannah Harwood first settlers of Macedon pioneer home located near this marker" (Pal-Mac Middle School)

Located on Quaker Road about .2 mile east of ONeill Road.
Coordinates:    43.07190, -77.28500

Erie Lock 60

"Through these hallowed chambers passed untold thousands. Built in 1821 Clintons Ditch Lock #71 1841 Erie enlargement Lock #60 1874 doubled 1888 lengthened" (Macedon Lock 60 Historic Site)

Located at the Erie Canal Lock 60 historic site on Quaker Road about .4 mile east of ONeill Road.
Coordinates:    43.06987, -77.28223

10 Erie Lock 60
11 May 29, 1800

May 29, 1800

"The first Baptist church of Macedon was organized on this site in the home of Lemuel Spear, a veteran of the revolution"

Located on Quaker Road about .3 mile west of Walworth Road.
Coordinates:    43.06265, -77.26383

Historic Sites

"First Baptist church built 1809 moved to vlg. 1835 parsonage, burial ground of David & Anna Wilcox great, great grandparents of Winston Churchill, School Dist #6" (Macedon N.Y.)

Located on Walworth Road about 320 feet north of Quaker Road.
Coordinates:    43.06532, -77.25900

12 Historic Sites
13 Doty Home

Doty Home

"Susan and Elias Doty Quaker abolitionists, suffragists, signed the Declaration of Sentiments July 1848 in Seneca Falls" (William C. Pomeroy Foundation 2017) 377

Located on the corner of Cockle and Canandaigua Roads.
Coordinates:    43.04422, -77.31081

Wilcoxen Home

"Ella S. Wilcoxen 1865-1933 first female grauate of University of Rochester 1901. Teacher & religious worker, lifelong community resident" (William C. Pomeroy Foundation 2017) 379

Located at 39 W. Main Street.
Coordinates:    43.06721, -77.30440

14 Wilcoxen Home
15 Emma B. Sweet

Emma B. Sweet

"1862-1951, Macedon native, Susan B Anthony's secretary 1895-1906, suffrage worker, speaker and advocate for equal rights for all." (William C. Pomeroy Foundation 2017) 370

Located on the south east corner of the Macedon Town Complex at 30 W. Main Street.
Coordinates:    43.06681, -77.30614

Palmer Homestead

"Noah & Betsey Palmer settled here in 1810. Noah served as Sgt. in Rhode Island militia during revolutionary war. Later became Baptist Deacon." (William C. Pomeroy Foundation 2018) 525

Located on the north west corner of Macedon Center Road & Daansen Road.
Coordinates:    43.06681, -77.30614

16 Palmer Homestead