Philomathean Society at the Macedon Academy

We found a journal of the Philomathean Society at the Academy. It is dated on the first page as August 1850.

The first entry:
At a convention of teachers and students at the Macedon Academy on Friday the twenty fifth day of April A.D. 1845 Stephen Wood was chosen chairman and Gideon Freeman the secretary.

The following resolutions were then adopted.

  1. Resolved that we the teachers and students of Macedon Academy resolve ourselves the improvement of our minds by lectures, essays and extemporaneous speaking.
  2. Resolved that Stephen Wood, Jerome Rowe, William W. Alexander and Isaac N. Hoag compose a committee to form a constitution and by-laws for said Society. On motion they then adjourned to meet on Friday of next week.

The first obvious question – Why does the first page say August 1850 when the first entry is dated in April 1845?

Other questions – Who were these individuals? What exactly did the Philomathean Society do?

I can only answer the last question right now. The Philomathean Society is a literary society that promotes learning . The University of Pennsylvania still has one. Theirs was founded in 1813. As we continue in the journal we will find intriguing debate topics and the outcome of said debates. Are you intrigued? Check back for more.