Pal-Mac History Clubs Are Going Strong!

By: Linda Braun, Town of Macedon Historian and Macedon Historical Society Secretary An AMAZING field trip was held this past week! On Wednesday, March 16, nineteen young people and their teacher came to visit the historic Macedon Academy, located at 1185 Macedon Center Rd, in Macedon Center.  Built in 1853,…

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Frederick Douglass’s Visit to Macedon

Frederick Douglass

February 25, 2015This article is contributed by June Hamell, Macedon Town Historian,Linda Braun, Village of Macedon Historian and Sandy Pagano, Presidentof the Macedon Historical Society: It was in August 1849 that Frederick Douglass visited the First Baptist Church of Macedon, NY. His visit was recorded in the book, “First Baptist…

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Philomathean Society at the Macedon Academy

MARCH 16, 2014 JUNE HAMELLWe found a journal of the Philomathean Society at the Academy. It is dated on the first page as August 1850. The first entry:At a convention of teachers and students at the Macedon Academy on Friday the twenty fifth day of April A.D. 1845 Stephen Wood…

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Temperance in Macedon

Souvenir card from the 50th anniversary of the monument.

This article was printed July 4, 1980 for the dedication of the new temperance monument – author unknown. Since 1845, a Temperance Monument has stood in Macedon Center, inscribed, “Total Abstinence 1845”. Macedon Center since has always remained dry but King Alcohol finally got to the rest of the town.…

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Gold Rush Carpenters?

A daguerreotype of four carpenters is in the possession of the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA) Photography Department.  The individuals are identified as Edwin Green (holding an adz), Crosby (holding a hammer and saw), Peter Elebash (seated holding a square and weight for the plumb line) and L. Arnold…

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Cattail Harvesting in Macedon

Rush is cut by hand and bundled in a swamp and then transported to the farm.

Two types of cattail leaves are harvested in Wayne County. One type known as ‘Cooper’s Flag’ is used in the manufacturing of wooden barrels. The other type is ‘Rush’ and it is used for caning chairs. Rush was harvested on the south side of Macedon for many years by Ward…

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Phelps & Gorham Purchase Relative to Macedon

This 1904 map of Macedon shows the lot numbers.

May 10, 2018This article is contributed by Dave Gardner, member of the Macedon Historical Society: The Phelps & Gorham Purchase took place in July, 1788. Oliver Phelps and Nathaniel Gorham bought approximately 2,250,000 acres of land from the Indians. This land extended west from the pre-emption line and north from…

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The Huddle

The area just south of the Macedon/Walworth townline where Walworth Road (also known as Walworth-Palmyra Road) is intersected by Mill and Pond Roads was once known as the Huddle. Dorothy French of the Walworth Historical Society wrote a very interesting article about this location. It was published in the March 2008 newsletter of the Walworth Historical Society with some follow-up in the May 2008 issue. She has given us permission to use the it here.

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