Around Town

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This stately cobblestone house stood along Route 31 in front of what is now the Lowe's parking lot.

Approximate coordinates:    43.064571, -77.368945

This mill was located on the west side of Walworth Road between Mill Road and Pond Road.

Approximate coordinates:    43.123334, -77.272690

District #1 school house was located at 1113 Alderman Road and today is a private residence.

Approximate coordinates:    43.049675, -77.277985

The Standard Oil Company had a distribution facility on the Barge Canal by Route 350. Product was received by canal boat, stored in the tanks and distributed by truck. The view is looking north. The buildings to the left of the rear tank are extant. The Saint Patrick's cemetery can be seen on the hillside.

Approximate coordinates:    43.07386, -77.29997

A typical 1920s Standard Oil Company barge that may have delivered oil to Macedon.